RaptorJS Module Loader

For server-side JavaScript environment, RaptorJS provides a cross-platform module loader that reads modules package files to determine which code to load for a particular module.

For the client-side, RaptorJS provides an asynchronous module loader that uses output from the RaptorJS Optimizer to optimally download modules asynchronously.


  • Supports Node and Rhino on the server
  • Lightweight client-side module loader
  • Easy to use
  • Source code agnostic
  • Utilizes the RaptorJS Optimizer
    • Configurable resource bundles
    • URLs include checksums
    • CDN Support
    • Development mode
  • Replacement for RequireJS

Get Started: Async Loader

Learn how to easily start utilizing the RaptorJS asynchronous module loader to lazily load modules for a web page.

Get Started: Node

Learn how to start loading RaptorJS JavaScript modules in a server-side Node runtime environment.

Developer Guide

An in-depth look at utilizing and adapting the RaptorJS Optimizer to meet your needs.