Raptor Templates

Raptor Templates is a JavaScript-based templating language that beautifully blends powerful templating directives with HTML markup. The cornerstone of Raptor Templates is its extensibility—allowing custom tag handlers, compilers and helper functions. Raptor Templates elegantly combines UI layout with traditional templating. Equally effective in both the browser and on the server, use Raptor Templates wherever you want to produce HTML.

No other templating language makes it so effortless to produce easily readable templates that are blazingly fast with such a miniscule footprint.

So say goodbye to the dogmatic and limiting templating languages and enjoy the freedom of this extremely extensible alternative that puts you in control!


  • Not Dogmatic
  • Extensible
  • XML-based
  • JavaScript Runtime and Compiler
  • Cross-Environment
  • Static Validation
  • Custom Taglibs
  • Optimized Runtime
  • Advanced Compiler
  • Minimal Compiled Output
  • Smart Whitespace Removal
  • User Friendly Error Messages
  • Easily Debuggable
  • Safe and Secure

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Language Guide

An in-depth look at the Raptor Templates language.

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Learn how to quickly start using Raptor Templates in your application

Developer Guide

An in-depth look at utilizing and extending Raptor Templates in your application.